Do you ever feel as though you’ve had that nagging feeling since you were born? Do you notice that negative pattern rearing its head at various times throughout your life? Could these be inherited emotions?

Where do they come from?

Inherited emotions are those feelings that we take on from someone else, such as a parent. A good example is with anxiety, where we have learnt how to ‘do’ anxiety from watching mum or dad. Other forms of inherited emotions include those which we have attained as a family ‘trait’, such as a great grandparent, even when we didn’t know the person, via genetic memory.

Inherited emotions can also stem from a past life, where we have not let go of certain fears or experiences. How you regard reincarnation is a personal philosophical issue, and not up to me to advise. However, the process of dealing with problems we are seemingly born with, often involves regression technique, regardless of the source.

Ancestral healing is a very powerful form of regression I use for problem emotions stemming from the family line, as well as problems arising as far back as inside the womb. If mum was undergoing severe stress, for example, the embryo will have felt these same feelings, even though it was not able to process them cognitively. That feeling then transfers to the growing baby.

How do we deal with them?

In healing ancestral problems, we trace the emotion down the family tree to the source. Perhaps it was mum’s Great Grandmother on her father’s side who initiated this anxiety due to a life of poverty and constant worry. This is just one simplistic example. A client of mine client who was an alcoholic did trace her addiction through both sides of her family tree, and this required a layered approach towards healing the inherited emotion that was driving the habit.

In the case of past life ‘baggage’, I use regression to trace the emotion back through as many lifetimes as necessary to the source. From there my client can release the emotion and rewrite their past, allowing the unconscious mind to experience a new approach to the current life, without the shadows of the past.

Separating feelings from thoughts

There is so much information that we contain inside our unconscious minds – billions upon trillions of feelings, memories, sensations, that taking a logical approach to problem solving the emotion is limited. Emotion is the language of the unconscious, not the rational mind after all. Using hypnotherapy allows clients to better tune into the feelings and the urges they foster. It is by working with these that change can happen on a deeper level. Bringing that awareness up to the conscious mind then allows the integration for change to occur in a sustainable way.

When we regress through to the womb or into ancestral lineage or into past lives, you are not expected to remember events as such, although it happens quite often. Rather I am asking you to follow your ‘feeling’ faculty and ‘tune in’ for the information. This allows your unconscious mind the scope it needs to form a picture.

Is that picture accurate? I cannot answer that question for you, and it is not important if it isn’t. The metaphor which is brought forward is the relevant information. In itself – it is the healing mechanism. Having said that, there are many examples of past life regression which have been later verified. Next blog I will be reporting on a past life regression conference held by a world renowned expert in past life regression, Brian Weiss. Stay tuned.