Sleep Glorious Sleep… So why is it that some of us have such a hard time of it? Well, that varies greatly. Some people have chemical or hormonal or nutritional or digestive imbalances that lie at the root of their sleep issues, while others experience psychological causes of insomnia. Clinical hypnosis can help with the latter.

A recent client had insomnia and was lucky to get 4 hours, that’s right, his goal was 4 measly hours because some nights he got NO sleep at all. After exploring the situation for around 20 minutes it became clear to me that this client was afflicted by a need to perform. When he performs, he gets a reward. His mind believed that he needed to be busy busy busy all the time because performing led to a reward – a job well done; kudos from her superiors and so on. It is no coincidence that the situation escalated when he stopped his very demanding, full-time job and his performance dropped.

He was essentially addicted to performing/reward loop and I don’t use that term, addicted, lightly. When we focus excessively on reward it spikes a dopamine hit that keeps us wanting more. This is how many drugs work. Manic Google searching can have a similar effect for obsessive fact finders – every time you find that answer you get a hit. Interesting eh? Then comes a change in values in order reprioritize sleep over reward.

Hypnosis is the perfect tool in such a scenario to alter the values and the perspective and allow the unconscious mind to simply, rest.  Book a session