Low confidence has many consequences. Imagine feeling free to do what you want to do, within the law of course. I have seen clients who were:

  • single for many years due to fear of making the first move, aka, low confidence;
  • too scared to take calculated risks in business, despite their proven skills and knowledge, aka, low confidence;
  • stuck in negative relationships because they couldn’t believe they would attract someone more suitable; or that they were too afraid to be alone, aka, low confidence;
  • trapped in jobs they despised instead of chasing a goal, aka, low confidence;
  • pushed around by family members and accepting being treated like second class citizens, aka, low confidence;
  • bullied at work and being too afraid to stand up for themselves, aka, low confidence;
  • overweight, addicted to alcohol or cigarettes or other reckless self-abuse, aka, low confidence
  • the list continues…

Imagine if you had any one of these issues, how this would impact your world – your perspective on life and on your self worth. But you can literally change your mindset and change your world, in a short space of time 🙂

Sadly, the issues above are not uncommon scenarios. Most people stay in a rut because they are too afraid of the consequences of putting their needs first. For example, if they leave their partner they may well end up alone. But is that a problem for a person with confidence? A confident person will understand that they are better off alone than in an abusive relationship, as one example. But also, a confident person will actively seek out a new partner, if that’s what they decide.

When there are other issues attached to the matter, such as financial problems or the need to share the care of children, then it becomes a conscious choice, not a matter of low confidence. Even then a confident person will change the game within the relationship, making plans and setting goals to manage the situation until they can move away. This is one example but there are many variations on the theme.

Low confidence also leads to low motivation in most cases. After all, what is the point if self-belief is missing? Why should you bother to improve your world? A confident person doesn’t question their value on this earth. They acknowledge the facts – they were put here, like all the rest of us – and it’s pretty simple.

Babies don’t question their validity, they are naturally confident and expressive. The problem develops as we grow and we begin to form opinions about ourselves, and much of this happens by the age of three! This happens because of our environment and because of the things we learn as we grow, such as observing a parent who is not confident, or being raised without love. Low confidence can also be a genetic trait based on low serotonin. The good news is that you can raise your serotonin with relaxation, setting future goals and other attributes of hypnosis and NLP. (Of course there are some people who may have chemical imbalances which are hard to balance and who need to be under the care of a psychiatrist.)

In session we will review your story and make adjustments, alter the way you perceive yourself so that you can feel the change in your neurology, and set strategies. Low confidence does not need to be part of your story, any longer. You can literally change your world in a short space of time, by building confidence.