In the age of Covid-19, it is easy to get swept away in the hysteria and uncertainty of this epidemic. But we are always changing, always adapting, and although the sacrifices may be high for some, this time around, we will adapt. I have prepared a free download to help you manage fear by staying focused on the positive.

I often use a recording like this to support the work we do in clinic when a client presents with a negative mindset. This hypnosis helps clients to understand, on a deep level, that their life has always been a mix of positive and negative experiences, and that what they choose to focus on, determines how they feel. You can manage fear by tuning into the positive aspects of life – past and present.

Recounting past positive experiences is an important step in updating your unconscious mind as to your emotional history. It says, “Life wasn’t always bad”, and “Look how I’d forgotten about those beautiful, important times”. To manage fear, you need perspective, and you need choice. We may not have a choice about the virus or its impacts on some of us, but we do have choice about how much of our power we give it.

How to use this recording

Hypnotherapy works by impact and repetition. The work we do in clinic is the impact part, and the hypnosis is the repetition. Without doing the work in clinic, this recording will have less effect for most listeners, than if you used it as a support, after the main work was done. However, for some listeners, it may be very powerful. In any case it will assist most listeners to some degree.

This hypnosis is about valuing the positive and minimising the negative, quite literally. In this way, your fear decreases as your sense of controlling what you can control, increases. This hypnosis is not about anxiety or panic, specifically, however these feelings are diminished when you manage fear.

Be careful not to listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery, and only when you are in a space set aside for sleep or meditation. You wouldn’t want to fall asleep just anywhere, if this is what happens. So when you are ready, download the track 🙂

To get the best out of this recording, listen to it every day for a month. Sometimes people fall asleep through the hypnosis because they are deeply relaxed. This is not ideal, but it’s ok if you are already familiar with it. So, it is fine to listen to it as you fall asleep, but only after you have heard it through at least a few times previously, just so that you know what’s in it and that your unconscious mind can better work on it in conjunction with the conscious, waking mind.

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Stay in control 🙂