When I left Sydney in 2007 I came to Peregian Beach, via Brisbane. After nine months in Brisbane’s ‘country style’ concrete jungle I made the commitment to change my lifestyle and move to the Sunshine Coast. Since landing in Peregian Beach over 11 years ago, I have explored far and wide, relocating another two times! Now I have come full circle to start the new year on the Sunshine Coast again with my new clinic, back in Peregian Beach.

My new clinic is set amonst the gumtrees, the paperbarks and the ocean breezes. While Peregian Beach is more on trend and less small town this time around, with real estate reflecting this dramatic change, a smaller footprint is still obvious. My new clinic is peaceful and serene. The car jams on the David Low Way cannot be heard from inside the sanctity of my healing space, and you can still treat yourself afterwards with some of the delights on offer at the Peregian Square.

To come and see me in my new clinic, make a booking by giving me a call, after you’ve read through the booking info page. Or, leave your details on my secure website and I will get back to you. That way we can discuss your needs in some detail, and we can both be better informed as to how best to proceed. I have helped clients with quitting smoking, weight loss, trauma, anxiety, reactive depression, confidence, motivation, binge drinking, bad habits, past life regression, inner guidance and decision making, insomnia, healing from emotional loss and relationship breakups, and much more.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to my clients, past, present and future, and to wish you all a safe and promising new year.