How hypnotherapy can help

I see clients with depression who literally cannot see into the next day. Their view of the future is short and ‘goal-less’. The past is slanted with failure and loss. The balance between work, health and relationships is toppling over so that a new level of overwhelm comes into focus to add to the chaos. But circumstances can change and the brain can learn to function in a more useful way. 

In depression, the energy is low and this is one reason why the client struggles with goal setting – it’s simply too taxing. However these low states pose an excellent time for clients to really process their thoughts and feelings. My role in this instance is to provide that space and help guide them through.

Perspective is everything

How we see events is a central part of this processing. Someone can experience a hurt with true conviction, even when that hurt is related to an untrue representation of the past. My role here is to help the client view the past in a more optimal way. When grief can be processed in a healthy manner, clients can again make reasonable plans with reasonable goals and begin to assume that those plans will work out. 

However, some goals will need to be revised before they can come to fruition. This then becomes a strategic approach where revision, fine tuning and evaluation form part of any good planning, rather than necessarily representing failure. My role here is to help that client with this approach, so that they may keep moving forward.  If you need help overcoming reactive depression, book a session.