Fear doesn’t only show itself in when you watch horror films. For some people, phobias and panic are regular inconveniences. A recent client came to me with claustrophobia. She could not get into an elevator alone. She could not take the stairwell in a shopping complex due to the heavy fire doors which blocked the exits, and the fear of getting trapped. You can imagine at a shopping center that no elevator and no stairs really limits parking options!

We traced her fear back to a long forgotten memory when she was a five year old and her sisters buried her in the sand up to her neck! She couldn’t move. She was literally paralyzed with fear. The emotions from this event grew in her unconscious mind as she grew, and her unconscious kept identifying more and more places and situations in which she could grow this fear, such as in toilet cubicles at school and the maze of mirrors at the fun park. This is what we call a pattern recognition.

Identifying the pattern and its occurrences and updating her unconscious mind about the situation is the essence of ‘undoing’ phobias. The fascinating part is that most people I’ve worked with do not remember the initial problem events, or if they do, they consciously perceive that these events are dealt with. However, the unconscious mind has its own logic, and that’s my specialty. Book a session