Yes, it’s true, you can use hypnosis for a longer life. How? New research indicates that by calming your mind, you can extend your lifespan. More specifically, the study states that ” excessive neural activity in the brain ” is linked to a shorter life, but “suppressing the extra activity could prolong it”. Curbing that excessive activity also leads to healthy aging, the study suggests.

The research was based on experiments with worms, because they have such a short life span. This makes it clear to see a longer or a shorted life as an outcome of the experiments. While we haven’t yet worked out how to hypnotise worms, we humans are able to enjoy hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a beautiful practice which specifically targets the over-activity of the brain. It works on changing brainwave frequencies from the everyday busy-busy buzzing of Beta waves, to somewhere between Alpha and Theta, ideally. That is, a nice, easy relaxation, such as a deep daydream state, just a step up above sleep. Therefore, by calming the mind on a regular basis, we can incorporate hypnosis for a longer life, into our lifestyles.

How often should I have hypnosis?

To maintain a nice calm state, and to bring your levels back down to healthy, after life’s ups and downs, I suggest having a relaxation based hypnosis session once a month. Think of it as a massage for the mind.

What’s the difference between a massage and a hypnosis session?

Many people will go for a physical massage, visit a spa or frequent a gym to keep their body relaxed and in shape, and yet they forget about the mind.

It’s true that you can obtain a beautiful state of relaxation through a massage, however that is not a targeted mind therapy. You could easily lie on the table and chat about your day as your massage therapist works their magic.

A massage does not reduce the excessive neural activity nearly enough if you want to use hypnosis for a longer life, or even for a clearer mind. In addition, it is not directed, and does not encourage your unconscious mind to make beneficial changes, such as the direction to stay relaxed during stressful situations in everyday life.

Think about it… how many situations really allow you to take that quality time for your peace of mind and mental wellness as a primary goal? Just because we cannot see the mind, as we see the body, it doesn’t mean that it is not important. In fact your mind controls your body, your attitudes, your beliefs and so much more. By incorporating hypnosis into your overall health regime, you can find balance within yourself, and in your life.

What is the difference between meditation and hypnosis?

Both meditation and hypnosis use a trance like state. The main difference is that with hypnosis, you have an experienced therapist guiding the session to fulfill the goals of the client. For most people it is difficult to self-guide and enter a prolonged trance state. For this reason a self-led meditation session can easily lose its intention and in many cases, result in a nap!

What about hypnosis recordings?

Hypnosis recordings can be very good, but it is unlikely that you will reach the same depth of trance that you do in a face-to-face session. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • being in someone else’s space allows you to relinquish control more easily, and let go
  • the intention of the therapist is a powerful factor (make sure you choose someone who cares)
  • the setting is deliberately tranquil and conducive to deep hypnotic states.

If you have any further queries about incorporating hypnosis as a regular entry on your wellness calendar, feel free to drop me a line 🙂