Sometimes we need to make difficult decisions to balance conflicting feelings. One example might be whether or not to forgive a partner for cheating. When your heart says yes and your head says no, we need to negotiate.

Hypnotherapy can help you to balance conflicting feelings for peace of mind. Otherwise, if you live with this conflict, you only create anxiety for yourself and your confidence lowers.

In this example, you could say:

(1) ‘OK I forgive you because I love you/ we have a family together/ own property together’ (whatever your reason), ‘but don’t do it again’.

(2) ‘No, I cannot accept this but I will be heartbroken without you’.

(3) ‘No I don’t forgive you but I don’t want to break up because of the kids/ the house’ (whatever the reason) – let’s sleep in separate rooms’.

(4) ‘No I don’t forgive you as I no longer love or trust you… let’s call it quits’.

Option 4 is not easy, but it is a clean break. If you choose one of the first three choices, there is a point of tension in having to live with the consequences. When you act against your unconscious urges due to logical rationale, a divide is usually created. It’s as if you split into two parts. If this remains unresolved, you could potentially suffer the consequences, ongoing.

In hypnosis and NLP there is a method which is focused specifically on uniting these two parts, regardless of the choices you have made. The process will sometimes enable you to carry on in your current set-up, but resolved, or it may encourage changes – whatever is needed for that integration to occur. Integration means inner peace, while remaining unresolved represents struggle. Do you need help finding your resolve?